tori amos matters

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Music | 0 comments

Spoiler alert – As those who listen to my interviews will know, no two are made equal. They’re all unedited and captured, in the moment, warts and all.

This is another one of those. Between gushing fanboy, struggling to not fail my idiosyncratic idol, this interview saw us take a good five minutes to settle into a groove.

Boys for Pele was dark, she even found it hard to listen to. Fast-forward two years and 1998’s From the Choirgirl Hotel, her fourth studio album, was one that was as equally painful to make as it was cathartic but for very different reasons. Tori speaks frankly about the loss of a child, confronting her deities, and finding her way out of the deep dark woods.

She talks about the fragility of life and how she liberates herself from it through the music she makes. Regardless of the awkward pauses and pensiveness, on both our parts, there a few choice moments and powerful statements worth listening to.


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