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by | Mar 30, 2020 | Writing | 2 comments

Follow current news feeds and your peril. If you, like me, suddenly have an inordinate amount of time on your hands, beware.

If you thought your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts were all consuming, the current news agenda will swallow you whole and spit you out the back of it, even more confused and disorientated than you were before you got ingested.

Distraction is rife, with everyone with access to an account, dropping embarrassing amounts of sage advice, suspect video clips and overtraded statements, many who seek to claim some kind of trademark?

Trafficking off of a crisis is dangerous and deplorable territory. If you’re doing what you always have you may find yourself compromised, left behind in the current groundswell of opportunism (read desperation) afoot. Of course, we are all being made to rethink and reimagine both our personal and professional lives, but it MUST be done authentically, if not, you’re dead in the water before you start. If not today, rest assured karma will out you at some point.

It’s entirely acceptable to not have all the answers. Even the esteemed World Health Organisation (WHO) is stumped, so cut yourself some slack and focus on what you’re good at, and do it to the best of your ability as you always have, regardless of the fact that it’s most likely currently being done between piles of laundry, testing teenagers or needy toddlers.

A virus is one thing, but a plague of opportunism and fear mongering is another, far more deplorable consideration.

Pre Covid-19 you may have ruled supreme in your respective industry or discipline, but that’s all being challenged now, regardless of our station. Use this time to reengineer and plot a new path where you and your business remains genuinely relevant.

If you do hold a position of power, and I say that cautiously, please remain aware of how you wield it. People are vulnerable at the minute; you are too, and that’s OK. Pay attention and look after the people around you, all who make your dreams realities, every single working day.

Our collective future success will be dictated by our actions that are being dynamically documented and shared right now. Yes, I consider myself in that equation.

There is no room for stupid. Life is fleeting, pandemics, thankfully, fewer between, but when they hit only the smartest, most evolved and in-touch, will prevail, post.

Your move.


  1. Jason Curtis

    Thank you, Lesley. Sadly, the trading has escalated, unabated, so staying centred is hard to do when the media cycle unashamedly spins Joe Public out every chance it gets.


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