Take back the power

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This is not an attempt to trivialise the magnitude of our collective current reality, it’s a call to arms to embrace a situation beyond our control, but oddly, within the realm of self-constructive rehabilitation.

What does that mean? Well, for starters, we may not control what’s happening in the world right now, but we do control how we choose to respond to it.

I, for one, have never had more to lose than I do right now. Yes, I know… stand in line, everyone has a taller tale to tell that will denigrate my call, but again, that’s not the point here.

As we all involuntarily unwind, shy of our usual crutches and confirmations that superficially kept our previous reality’s day-to-day in check – now is the time to take it all in and reimagine how we anticipate walking away from a viral catastrophe with our name, reputation and business plan safeguarded.

We’ve all had a solid 19 days of Covid lockdown to consider what life’s like when our many civil liberties and ability to earn a traditional income has been stripped from us all. That noted, what have you been doing with that time? How have you spent this rare chapter in history?

I, for one, have done more spring cleaning, in autumn, than I can ever recall. And no, that doesn’t only mean removing lint from behind that chest of drawers in the spare room. I’m talking about reimagining a place in the world for myself, where, prior to the lockdown, I found myself redundant.

With 30-odd years of qualification from the University of Life, having made a fair number of individuals and business owners inordinately wealthy, I’m pretty keen to take back the power, the type I’ve given away for the price of salary for the better part of three decades.

But where and how to start? Rock bottom is a pretty good place to make a sobering start, but it needn’t be that drastic. With everything of material value stripped away and my emotional state laid bare, all I have left is me. If I fail now, my people are compromised, I am exposed, and no one is going to call for bail other than me.

I have an extraordinary group of friends. An intimate few I know I can call on, but I aim to never exploit their love and trust to the point that they feel the need to support me beyond the ways they always have.

So, what’s next? Take back the power. Acknowledge your legacy, the true value of your contribution, and next, aim to rebuild the self-worth you allowed to be systematically taken.

You apply the life lessons and combine them with what the universe is shouting out at you, and you weave it all into writing your exciting independent next phase.

If you wrote and signed away the rights to your last chapter or three, look to self-publish what promises to be your most valuable opus. Do that and you, like me, have a very real opportunity to dictate what could become your defining legacy.

We try. We fail and we try again. Until the lights go out, the wine runs dry and your sense of humour leaves. Hold on and look to plant a seed or three along your brave new path. By the time we all get out of our current extraordinary, those shoots will already be starting to show, and when they do get ready to harvest the fruits of your well-considered, well-spent period of self-reflection thanks to things beyond your control.

Your backs against the wall. Stop climbing it. Use the time to build a virtual ladder with your rich network of support to help bridge the divide between where you are now, and where you want to be.


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