Embrace the overwhelm

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It’s been a week filled with sage advice, video, podcasts, tweets and live streams from a global community, all grappling with an identical reality and challenge – how refreshing.

We should all be using the #lockdown to evaluate just how we did business, pre Covid-19, and just how we intend remaining relevant post, if only because this too will pass, and when it does how are you going to rise above the fallout?

Everyone’s pushing an agenda, a way out of our dark new-normal. Some are doing it with grace, empathy and a genuine commitment to our collective longevity. Then there are those actively trading on a bigger pandemic, one society is well acquainted with – fear. Fear of the unknown and what’s to follow.

What’s not changed and can never be challenged by any outside force is your fortitude and belief in self. Yes, it’s completely compromised right now, but remind yourself, at every turn and with every test, you’re not powerless as odd as that may sound. You are challenged, yes, but how you respond to it all is entirely up to you. Powerful right? You hold the power after all!

Talking Heads’ David Byrne’s latest essay “We World is Changing – So Can We” is a welcome take and reminder of the power each and every one of us yield.

So, tomorrow, with the sky clear of suffocating pollution and agenda’s – take a breath and reconnect with what’s got you to this point.

Ownership, in the harsh words of Joy Division’s “Isolation”, is important. If only to fall down, hard, but get up again and persevere. This is a song that’s lyrics uncomfortably address our reality and still resonate generations after they were first scripted.

Stay true to you and what you believe in. It’s your moral access code and admission to a new world of possibility, if only you crack the door slightly ajar, just the right amount, and let it in.

Exciting, right?


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