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Two weeks into the #lockdown and many of us find ourselves capitulating. Folding, giving in to the inimitable situation we’re all reeling under, or unravelling in, take your pick.

Dare you have any vices that include tobacco or alcohol, that diminishing stash you panic bought is fast dwindling and the sanity clock is ticking all the more loudly now. What’ll you do when you run dry, despite your already compromised psychological state?

Wrestling with anxiety over our collective new abnormal is one thing but staring your crutches in the face is another compounding woe. A lot like the viability of your tried-and-tested business model that’s close to becoming defunct due to your inability to run it as you did before 16 March.

Yes, while the lights were on and our collective civil liberties remained unchallenged, it was already a perpetual trial. Now you’re about to be splayed, exposed to the unknown next twist in a plot being written in real-time. This is where your real mettle will be challenged like nothing before it.

Our initial response to COVID-19 was one of curiosity at the novelty of it all. Next came abject fear due to an overconsumption of social media streams and poorly reported fear-mongering clickbait. Next followed frustration at not being able to walk the dog or escape your beautiful, but needy, six-year-old.

As capitulation reared its ugly head, many dug in and consumed unhealthy amounts of distracting Netflix programming and suddenly discounted and free self-help courses, intending to pass the time as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Yes, you’ve watched the most unlikely, often disturbing, content and you’re now nearing the end of your tether. That said and done, what to do next?

Make a runner and find contraband in a leafy neighbourhood friends unassuming garage, filled with delicious liquor, only to pay eye-watering amounts for very average claret? No! At the risk of arrest and greater embarrassment, we all need to dig really deep right now, vices aside.

Find that place that’s free of iniquity or influence and plow all of your essential goods’ nutritional value into reimaging your new future.

Granted, it’s going to be uncomfortable and compromising, but your head’s not going to explode, if anything the force majeure could just see you realise your true potential? Your limbs will remain intact and acceptance will set you free. Well, that’s the script at any rate. How it will play out is entirely up to you.

With the playing field is suddenly and soberingly level, go claim your spot and run out your toxic past.

Your past is history, now go write your own exciting future doctrines while you still have the luxury of a lockdown; and say thank you for what you have, not what you may have had to forfeit in the short term.


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